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Guesthouse Mikligarđur

Our pleasant guesthouse offers a cosy and comfortable stay. Situated in the picturesque Old Town overlooking Sauđárkrókur´s beautiful 20th Century church, the guesthouse is perfectly located for those wishing to visit local attractions such as Skagafjörđur heritage museum, as well as the various local restaurants and bars. Rooms are available in single, double and triple occupancy with the option of en-suite bathroom or shared bathroom. As well as having a communal lounge with TV area, the guesthouse provides a fully equipped kitchen for those wishing to self cater.

Guesthouse Mikligarđur offers 14 simple, yet homely rooms in this beautiful house.  The guesthouse is a suitable choice for guests that like to feel at home, when away from home. Please note that there is no elevator in the building.

The saga

This house named Mikligarđur, often called Russia by locals, was built in 1931 by a man called Sigurgeir Daníelsson. The carpenter Steindór was the architect. The house has always been called Russia and the reason is believed to be that one of the carpenters, Pétur Laxdal, was the first socialist in Iceland to be elected into a town council and also it refers to the size of the house. Houses that were built in 1931 usually were not that big.

In this house used to be at least 6 apartments. A portret studio was on the ground floor once and in the beginning there was a cowshed there as well.

Over the years the house became shabby and when Tómas and Selma (the hotel manager) moved to Sauđárkrókur in 1996 the house was empty, practicly ruins and was used by the fire squad to practice.

Some years later Ingólfur Guđmundsson and Björg Ágústsdóttir bought the house and began to rebuild it.

In the year 2003 Ingvi Ţór Sigfússon and Arnrún Antonsdóttir  bought it and turned it into a guesthouse.
In february 2007 Tómas and Selma bought the guesthouse and have been running it ever since.


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