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The Saga of Hotel Tindastóll

Hotel Tindastóll is located in Saudárkrókur, North Iceland and is the oldest hotel in the country.  It is also one of Iceland´s oldest timber houses and one of the last premises of its kind to be completely renovated.  

The building was imported in units from Norway in 1820 and was initially assembled for use as a general store in Hofsós until 1829.  Then in 1833, it was moved to Grafarós.  Finally in 1884 it was dismantled, shipped across the fjord and reassembled at its present location in Sauđárkrókur.  This was in response to the increasing demand for accommodation at that time, as the town was the northwest region’s main emigration port to Canada.  Hotel Tindastóll was in operation until 1969 but had become increasingly dilapidated.  However, in 1998 a comprehensive renovation program was launched and by April 2000, business resumed in the newly refurbished hotel and it has been a destination favourite ever since.

Hotel Tindastóll has 10 unique rooms that differ is size, shape and character.  All of the rooms emulate traditional Icelandic design and are named after iconic people from Icelandic history and literature, such as the poet Hallgrímur Pétursson, the Bishop Jón Arason and the outlaw Grettir Ásmundarson.  As well as playing host to the origin of The Natural Medical Association, which was founded in the building in 1937, it offered accommodation to celebrated singer Marlene Dietrich in 1944, who stayed here on her tour of entertaining American troops during World War 2.  The room she stayed in, called Guđríđur Ţorbjarnardóttír, is often requested by guests for it´s fame factor.

Hotel Tindastóll Annex

The annex is a more recent addition to Hotel Tindastóll and is located directly adjacent to the hotel, with the reception, breakfast facilities and bar are all located within the main building of the hotel.  The annex is a two storey house and was built in 1942.  Renovations in 2012 incorporated changes to the design and layout of the building to ensure that all 9 rooms are en-suite, with a bright and fresh decor, giving the annex a more modern feel than the main building. 

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