Directions to north Iceland

When planning you trip to Sauđárkrókur, you can find everything you require here.

 Directions from Reykjavík to Sauđárkrókur

The main route: follow Highway 1 from Reykjavík to Varmahlíđ in Skagafjörđur. At the crossroads in front of the petrol station in Varmahlíđ you drive straight ahead along road no. 75, Sauđárkróksbraut. After about 24km, take the turn into Sauđárkrókur.

An alternative route from Blönduós to Sauđárkrókur: About 1.5km outside Blönduós, take a left turn on to Skagastrandarvegur (road no. 74). Drive straight on for about 6.8km, until you see a signboard saying Ţverárfjallsvegur (no. 744).Turn right and continue on this road to Sauđárkrókur, which is about 38 km away.

Travelling from Akureyri to Sauđárkrókur you can choose one of two routes.

The shortest route is around 120km and takes about an hour and a half to drive. Keep to Highway 1 until you come to the crossroads at Varmahlíđ. Turn right along road no. 75, Sauđárkróksbraut. From this point you are only about 24km from Sauđárkrókur.

From Akureyri to Sauđárkrókur via Siglufjörđur. The distance between Akureyri and Sauđárkrókur is 173 km, travelling via Tröllaskagi (through Dalvík, Ólafsfjörđur and Siglufjörđur). There are three toll-free tunnels on this route. As you leave Akureyri (by Lónsbakki), drive for around 8km along Highway 1 until you reach the crossroads where you turn right onto Ólafsfjarđarvegur (road no. 84). At this point you are 34km from Dalvík. Dalvík – Ólafsfjörđur 18 km (through the Ólafsfjarđargöng tunnel). Ólafsfjörđur – Siglufjörđur 17km (through the Héđinsfjarđargöng tunnel). Siglufjörđur – Sauđárkrókur 95 km  (through the Strákagöng tunnel). 

If you are travelling in Iceland (especially September-May) we would strongly advise you to check road conditions and weather conditions every day, before you start your trip.

Travel safely in Iceland

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