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Hotel Mikligarđur

Hotel Mikligarđur is our largest property which caters for the high summer tourist trade. It is ideally located close to the hot spots of Sauđárkrókur, offering 65 rooms (single, double, triple, family rooms and rooms specially equipped for visitors with disabilities). Due to the variety in room options, the hotel is ideal for groups, families and single travellers.  All rooms have private facilities and complimentary internet access. There is an elevator, and each floor has a TV lounge. Over half the rooms in the hotel have been recently refurbished and the remainder will be finished within the next two years.
A breakfast buffet is served each morning and a wine bar is open in the evenings. Members of staff are pleased to provide information and advice about local places of interest, events, travel schedules and any other service our guests may need when planning trips or activities during their stay with us.
The hotel is conveniently located close to the centre of town, which offers an excellent choice of activities.  Whilst the close proximity of the forest offers idyllic walks and peaceful picnic areas, the lawned grounds of the hotel itself allow guests to relax outdoors in the summer weather.

Hotel Mikligarđur is also home to the new Drangey Restaurant, which offers delicious local cuisine and will be open from 1 June-19 August.

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