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Things to do in Sauđárkrókur

Skagafjörđur has all the ingredients from which adventures are made! There is a wide choice of recreational activities for all age groups – all surrounded by a truly magnificent environment. Sauđárkrókur certainly lives up to this description, and you can be sure of finding something to suit your purposes in close proximity to the town. The staff of the hotel will be pleased to help you reserve and book tours.

The town of Sauđárkrókur with a population of around 2660 inhabitants, provides a diversity of services; three restaurants, a bakery, shops and workshops of all kinds, and an information centre.

The Tannery Visitor Centre is the only tannery in Europe which makes fish leather as well as other types of leather. They have now opened their doors to visitors, giving you the chance to see how fish-skin is processed to make high quality leather for use in design, crafts and manufacturing. 

Topphestar - riding tours are situated only 1 km east of the town. They offer a wide variety of tours to suit anyone, from fanatical horse enthusiasts to first-time riders.  

Skagafjörđur Heritage House – an exhibition which is unique to Iceland, showing the workshops of a mechanic, carpenter, watchmaker and saddler as they were in days of yore. Some of these workshops were moved to Minjahúsiđ in their entirety. Minjahúsiđ also has a museum store.

An outdoor thermal pool. The pool is 25m long and alongside are two hot tubs, both with massage jets and differing temperatures. We also have both a Finnish and an infrared sauna.

Bird watching in Skagafjörđur makes a very good choice. Birdlife on and around lakes Áshildarholtsvatn and Tjarnartjörn is quite unique and well worth observing, especially as these lakes are only 500m from Sauđárkrókur. Recorded bird species here are among the highest in Skagafjörđur. The Áshildarholtsvatn lakeside is partly protected from grazing which has had a highly desirable impact both on species diversity and bird numbers. An information board with details about bird species is located close to the road in the northern part of the lake Áshildarholtsvatn.                                                                       

The golf course is in close proximity to Sauđárkrókur and is the longest 9-hole golf course in the country. It is situated in idyllic country surroundings, and with plenty of traps, this course is a fun challenge for all golfers.                                     

A boat trip to Drangey Island (Puffin Island) is an adventure in itself. The birdlife on the island is diverse, although the most predominant varieties are puffin and guillemot.

Good walking paths/trails - The hills above the town were previously the foreshore of the fjord. Above the town, near the cemetery, is an observation platform that provides wonderful views over the old town, the countryside and out towards the mouth of the fjord.

The shore of Sauđárkrókur is named Borgarsandur. The coastal is a four kilometer long black sand beach where you can enjoy taking long walks or building sand castles with the children.

Winter activities

Skiing area In wintertime, you can enjoy our nearby skiing area in the mountain Tindastóll, only 15 km away from the town. You can find slopes both for beginners and for more experienced skiers. Ski hire, ski boards, helmets and other equipment.       

Krókaleiđir is a snowmobile hire. With a snowmobile you can explore Icelandic nature during the winter months in a new way.  An exciting adventure on our snowmobiles can be had, ranging from short trips of 1 hour up to excursions lasting a few days.    

Topphestar - riding tours are situated only 1 km east of the town. They offer a wide variety of tours to suit anyone, from fanatical horse enthusiasts to first-time riders.

Hiking trips - Skagafjörđur has many varied and beautiful walking trails, suitable for short or long walks, as well as challenging treks designed to suit the more experienced hiker. Trail maps and other useful information regarding treks and mountain conditions can be obtained at the Tourist Information Center in Varmahlíđ and Sauđárkrókur.

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