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Activities in Skagafjörđur

Whatever you decide to do – go for a sail down the white foaming rapids of a glacial river, become acquainted with the unique abilities of the Icelandic horse, sail out to Drangey Island, go in search of information on the history of the area, relax in the natural pools (be it summer autumn, winter or spring), experience the eerie beauty of the northern lights sweeping across a still winter sky, or discover what the region has to offer in the way of food and drink – Skagafjörđur is the place for you.

Glaumbćr - the old turf farm.  For more than half a century the Skagafjörđur Heritage Museum has presented an exhibition in the turf farmhouse of Glaumbćr. Within these authentic buildings, everyday tools are displayed in their natural environment, bearing witness to vanished times and the daily activities of those who peopled Iceland’s past.

The Icelandic Horse History centre has recently opened exhibition of the Icelandic Horse in Hólar.

Skagafjörđur Transportation Museum at the farm Stóragerđi. The museum contains a variety of cars and machinery dating back to the middle of last century.

Hestasport riding tours - Offers a wide variety of riding tours to suit anyone from fanatical horse enthusiasts to first-time riders.

JRJ Jeeptours - Offers Super-jeep tours all year round for those who want to enjoy Icelandic nature at its best.

Lýtingsstađir riding tours offers trips for experienced riders and beginners, we have horses suitable for every requirement.

Drangeyjarferđir - Boat trips to the island Drangey, bird watching and sea angling tours and learn about “The Story of Grettir the Strong” (Grettir’s Saga).

Bakkaflöt rafting run trips on 2 local rivers, the East Glacial river and the West Glacial river. Each trip includes all necassary rafting equipment and guiding along with our own private transport to and from the rivers. When returning to the base all rafting guests are welcome to use our hot pools and enjoy the restaurant and bar facilities.

Viking rafting The world-famous rapids of Austari-Jökulsá, the East Glacial River, set the stage for our most exciting full-day (Beast of the East), and multi-day (River Rush) rafting adventures, while the  stunning canyons and meandering waters of Vestari-Jökulsá, the West Glacial River, are well suited to our gentler half-day family rafting trip (Wonderful West).

The Hofsós Emigration CentreEnjoyable and instructive exhibitions in three splendid buildings by the harbour in the village Hofsós. The exhibitions trace the history of Icelanders’ emigration to North America.

Sturlunga saga trail in Skagaförđur area. It is a story from 13th century, about battles and power struggle between powerful family clans during the Sturlungaöld period.

Sealwatching offers boat trips from the town Hvammstangi around Miđfjörđur and Húnaflói bay during the summer, giving you the opportunity to watch seals in their natural environment.

Hiking in the area. Skagafjörđur has many varied and beautiful walking trails, suitable for short or long walks, as well as challenging treks designed to suit the more experienced hiker. Trail maps and other useful information regarding treks and mountain conditions can be obtained at the Tourist Information Center in Varmahlíđ and Sauđárkrókur.

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