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Our accommodation

  • Hotel Tindastóll Hotel Tindastóll

    Hotel Tindastóll

    We welcome you to the oldest hotel in Iceland (hotel since 1884). Hotel Tindastóll is a 3 star hotel with an old romantic style.

  • Hotel Tindastóll Annex Hotel Tindastóll Annex

    Hotel Tindastóll Annex

    Is a new addition to Hotel Tindastóll and is located next to the hotel.

  • Hotel Mikligarđur Hotel Mikligarđur

    Hotel Mikligarđur

    Hotel Mikligarđur is our largest property which caters for the high summer tourist trade. It is ideally located close to the hot spots of Sauđárkrókur.

  • Mikligarđur Guesthouse Mikligarđur Guesthouse

    Mikligarđur Guesthouse

    Our pleasant guesthouse offers a cosy and comfortable stay. You will feel at home away from home.

About us

Arctic Hotels is a hospitality company that oversees 3 properties located in Sauđárkrókur in north Iceland: Hótel Tindastóll, Hótel Mikligarđur and Mikligarđur Guesthouse.  

The company owners are Tómas Árdal and Selma Hjörvarsdóttir. The company focuses on the reliability and security of a responsible business.

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Arctic Hotels

Kirkjutorg 3 | 550 Sauđárkrókur | Iceland 

Mikligarđur Guesthouse | Tel.: (+354) 453-6880

Hotel Mikligarđur | Tel.: (+354) 453-6330

Hotel Tindastóll & Hotel Tindastóll Annex | Tel.: (+354) 453-5002


Kt. 420207-0770


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